In the world of Alagaësia Eragon triumphed over Lord Galbatorix. 100 years later the next dragons are ready to hatch and choose their Riders. Eragon is head of the Riders at Vroengard but has left the missions for the new recruits. Who will you be?
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A loud dragon roar could be heard echoing throughout the valley around Dras-Leona. Mara and Onyxious had gone into the town to recruit spellcasters to their cause. She had gotten only 3 but upon returning found their campsite in ruins. Bodies were scattered all over and black marks on the ground announced there was a dragon involved. Another Rider had done this.

When I find out who destroyed the rest of our group, I will tear them apart from the inside out. She cried out in rage and clenched at Vottur's hilt. Yes Mara, we must avenge their death. Galbatorix would not be pleased if we did not act. Onyxious turned his head to look at Mara with one of his black void eyes. Lord Galbatorix must be resurrected as soon as possible. We need more recruits and then while they try and raise our Lord, we will track down these bastards!

Mara turned to face the 3 spellcasters beside her. "Go to Helgrind and begin preparations. If along the way you find any more magic users, convince them to join the cause." One of the spellcasters spoke up. "What if they do not wish to." Mara laughed, a harsh laugh. "That shouldn't stop you. You've got powers and there are three of you. You'll think of something." The 3 spellcasters smiled with a certain blood lust and bowed. "As you wish." And then they turned their black steeds and rode off to the black mountain, Helgrind.

Come Onyxious we must find us some spellcasters. The dragon roared with might and then raised his wings. Then he lowered them will amazing strength and sent them into the air. With only 3 strokes they were nearly level with the mountain tops in the distance. Where shall we find more spellcasters? Mara thought for a moment. First we go to Uru'baen and speak with Yutan. He knows of a dark mage's guild. With some luck and influence we will be able to turn them to our cause. And with that the two flew off in the direction of the dark city.
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