In the world of Alagaësia Eragon triumphed over Lord Galbatorix. 100 years later the next dragons are ready to hatch and choose their Riders. Eragon is head of the Riders at Vroengard but has left the missions for the new recruits. Who will you be?
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Character sheet
Characters Characters: Alexander 'Alex'
Race: Elf Elf
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Dragon bios

Name: Vendara (Meaning Life in the Ancient Language)
Gender: Female
Age: 79 years old
Rider: Alexander
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Markings: None
Scale color: Green
Personality: Wisdom like that of an elf, kind, extremely defensive of innocent people.
Admin's bios Vendar10

Name: Onyxious
Nickname: Onyx
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years old
Rider: Mara
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Markings: None
Scale color: Dark grey with a tan underbelly and wing membrane.
Personality: Malicious, battle wise, great warrior, manipulative
Picture: See Mara's bio

Rider bios

True Name: Feigr veurr viss
Full Name: Alexander
Nickname: Alex
Age: 91 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Dragon: Vendara
Sword: Heilsa
Magic color: Yellow green
Specialization/Strengths: Very quick, agile, strong, and an expert swordsman and archer. Has a masterful grasp of his knowledge of magic and the Ancient Language.
Weakness: Can be too over protective and put his life before another's even if his is more important. Doesn't take too kindly to strangers interfering with him and Vendara. Also he has a lack of mercy when it comes to punishing a murderer or criminal.
Personality: Attractive, tall, and slender like all elves. Is very kind to people he knows and will protect them at all costs.
Allegiance: Member of the Rider Council
Short Biography: --Just Ask--
Admin's bios Alexan10

True Name: Kvöl og angist
Full Name: Mara
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Dragon: Onyxious
Sword: Vottur
Magic color: Blood red
Specialization/Strengths: Very quick, agile, strong, and a sorceress. A surprisingly amazing mastery over the Ancient Language. She does not have to speak the Ancient words for her magic to work.
Weakness: Rash, has been corrupted by Galbatorix's followers, evil, does not know kindness and therefore does not offer it.
Personality: Find out...
Allegiance: Assisting in reviving Lord Galbatorix
Short Biography: --Just Ask, but be careful...--
Admin's bios Mara_a10

Sword bios

Name: Heilsa
Owner: Alexander
Color: Green.
Sheathe: White with a gold vine going form the tip to the hilt. On the vine are green embroidered leaves of the finest silk.
Markings: An oak leaf on the hilt with an emerald in the middle. The emerald is the size of a half dollar.
Special ability: When called upon, Heilsa will heal any wound. (great or small) Can only be used once every 48 hours.
History: Alexander had an elf in Ellesmera forge this blade for him. It has been through every fight with Alexander, leaving him victorious every time.
Other: N/A
Admin's bios Alexan11

Name: Vottur
Owner: Mara
Color: Crimson
Sheathe: Black with red embroidery says "Blade of the Broken Soul" in the Ancient Language.
Markings: Skull on the butt of the sword. Ruby on the hilt.
Special ability: When called upon, Vottur will coat it's blade in poison for up to 3 minutes. This poison will slowly eat away the flesh and also effects the cranium of the victim leaving them mad.
History: When Mara joined the Black Hand to try and resurrect Lord Galbatorix they noticed that she used only plain, steel swords. The head spell caster knew of a blade that was used by one of the Forsworn. The blade's name was Vottur. They gave it to Mara to use. Mara immediately took a liking to the blade and kept it.
Other: N/A
Admin's bios Mara_s10
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Admin's bios
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