In the world of Alagaësia Eragon triumphed over Lord Galbatorix. 100 years later the next dragons are ready to hatch and choose their Riders. Eragon is head of the Riders at Vroengard but has left the missions for the new recruits. Who will you be?
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 Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED]

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Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED] Left_bar_bleue100/100Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED] Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED] Empty
PostSubject: Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED]   Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED] I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 12:57 pm

Nalia rolled her eyes as her mother yelled back to her,
"And don't you DARE "forget" to practice your archery again!  I know you love your sword, but we are pure elves, and we have pride.  Swords are not traditional, and neither are spears.  No, don't give me that look!  Here, if you can find a proper sword, not a human steel one, then I'll let you take swordfighting lessons.  But mind you, archery comes first.  The accuracy, the range, it all..."
Mother was always telling her to do something better, be it archery, magic, or even her own hobbies.  Either way, she was going exploring today, and no one would stop her.  The western side was rumored to be the most dangerous, and Nalia had a mind to find out exactly how dangerous.

"Where do you think you're going, you lady?" a voice asked amusedly behind her as she tried to slide between two pillars of the city's wall.  Uh oh.
"Um, to fetch some water?" Nalia tried, not looking at the speaker.
"The streams are over there," the voice said again, this time more sternly.  "Look at me, child."  Reluctantly, Nalia turned her head to face the voice and gasped.  It was queen Morethya, the peace queen.
"Perhaps you should be over there..." A sleek black tail snaked up from under Morethya's robe and jabbed in the direction of the water streams.  "I'll even escort you there if you wish..." said the young queen, faintly smiling.  
"Er, I wouldn't want to trouble your highness," said Nalia.
"Nonsense, I have plenty of time these days, what with the war going on," Morethya's eyes looked troubled.  "And I want to show you a certain very special place."  Nalia gulped again.  And followed quietly as Morethya walked at a fast pace towards the water streams, her iron grip around Nalia's wrist.

When they reached about fifty paces 'till the water streams entrance, Morethya let Nalia go.  "Here's my advice, little one.  Enter there," here Morethya's tail pointed to what looked like a solid wall of white stone, "And speak the words," here Morethya whispered into Nalia's ear.
"Erm, thank you most graciously your highness," Nalia said, and then scampered off to home as fast as she could possibly go.
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Finding Eldrvarya~ [History Thread, CLOSED]
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