In the world of Alagaësia Eragon triumphed over Lord Galbatorix. 100 years later the next dragons are ready to hatch and choose their Riders. Eragon is head of the Riders at Vroengard but has left the missions for the new recruits. Who will you be?
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 BayMickey's bios

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Characters Characters: Temra
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PostSubject: BayMickey's bios   Sun May 22, 2011 3:57 pm

True name~ Arget adurna
Name~ Temra
Gender~ Female
Age~ 22 (Human years), 85 (Elf years)
Race~ Elf
Dragon~ Ferogeh
Sword~ Zera
Magic color~Red
Advances~ Temra is strong-willed. She knows most of the language. She knows how to fight skillfully and can ride her dragon very well.
Weakness~ If you kill her dragon, you kill her and vice versa.
Personality~ Tough, shy, tom-boyish, strong-willed. Very hard to beat in battle.
History~ Regular elf history. But, she ran away from home at age 14 in human years. She luckily found a dragon egg. Though she is not in the Dragon-Rider Council.

True name~ Draumr kopa
Name~ Ferogeh
Gender~ Male
Age~ 345 (Dragon years), 71 (Elf years)
Race~ Dragon
Rider~ Temra
Personality~ Just like Temra's
History~ Was found and hatched by Temra, has been with her ever since.

Temra's sword:

True name~ Zerafiyat
Name~ Zera
Age~ Unknown
Blade color~ Silver
History~ Passed down from generation to generation in Temra's family.
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BayMickey's bios
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